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5 Best Ways to Reach Gen Xers

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Michelle Fournier

Born between 1965 and 1980, there are roughly 65.3 million Gen Xers in the US. Also referred to as the “In Between” generation, Gen Xers have seemingly gotten stifled between the significantly more populated Baby Boomers and Millennial generations, especially when it comes to targeted marketing programs. However, this is a miss as this group has massive buying power, can be reached through a number of less expensive program channels, and are pet enthusiasts. 

Generation Xers are a unique in that many can relate to both Boomers and Millennials, they straddle the technology world and adopts various platforms, but can also be nostalgic and traditionalists as evidenced by the fact that 85% still watch traditional TV, and 62% still read a physical newspaper. 

So how do we get to this important population in a meaningful and impactful way? Go to them where they are, be forthright, transparent, ask for feedback, and include them. This is a generation of decision makers who respond to information, be a resource to them and they will be loyal to you. 

Give them a Hug – This population feels ignored and is truly a straddle population between Baby Boomers and Millennials, with much diversity of interest within the population itself. So many companies are vigorously vying for the  attention of the other generations, Gen Xers feel ignored, make them feel included, valued and wanted. 

Social Media Rules – While nearly 65% of Gen Xers currently on Facebook, Instagram is quickly gaining popularity and is expected to host nearly 35% by 2022. Find them there, images, video and positive messaging goes a long way.

Email marketing – This is an effective and inexpensive way to reach Gen Xers as many use email daily, are still diligent about checking the platform, and are committed to its value. It’s important to personalize where possible and entice this audience with creative, smart, usable content. Try videos in your email campaigns to increase click through rates. 

Direct Mail Campaigns – Many in this generation still responds to snail mail marketing. When you can afford to, be creative with size and shape of mail piece. If you are more budget conscious, go ahead and stick with postcard size, but play with color in order to stand out. Have a specific call to action and be sure to include your URL and phone number. 

Surveys – As a generation known for providing feedback and wanting to be part of the solution, a great way for Gen Xers to feel engaged and part of your community is to ask for their feedback in the form of a survey. 

Armed with the knowledge on how to get directly to this important generation,  it’s critically important to be inclusive in how you approach each generation and welcome them with open arms into your community. You will all be the better for it!


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