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5 Tips To Successfully Capture Millennials Attention

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Michelle Fournier

 There are roughly 75 Million Generation Y-ers, or Millennials as they are more commonly known, ages 20 – 40 in the United States. They have buying power, spend more on their pets than any other group, and recently surpassed Boomers as the generation with the most pets. It’s important to continue to cultivate the relationship with this group, so understanding what motivates them to action is crucial. These 5 tips are designed to keep you in front of this savvy, emotional, pet-loving set, and keep them saving pets lives.

Be Transparent ~ The Gen Y generation is smart, savvy, educated and aware. When it comes to a cause that is close to their heart, like animal rescue, they want all the information up front. Be forthright about the pets condition, circumstances, costs associated, and any other related information.

Be where they are ~ Millennials are adept at adopting the newest trends in communicating, from instant messaging/direct messaging/email marketing/video/out-door advertising, and more, they consume content. Know where your adopters are coming from and be present on that platform, Tic Tok, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, jump in and get in front of them.


Be mission oriented ~ Clearly state your Shelter’s mission and add metrics wherever possible. Once Millennials understand an issue, they want to know their actions have had a positive impact. Offer month-to-month adoption rates and overall donations. Make the information shareable on multiple platforms so they feel a part of the pursuit of the mission.

Inspire them to act ~ Millennials are emotionally driven, design your content to make them think, feel and act. Use success stories, along with images and video to inspire.

Be Mobile ~ Gen-y’ers are on the go and on their smartphones, they do virtually everything through these devices from watching TV shows, dating, shopping, and picking out their new pet. Your website must be mobile in order to be noticed.

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