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6 Types of Video to Engage Your Adopters

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Michelle Fournier

An engaging combination of information mixed with entertainment, video as a marketing tool is second to none. The personalization level, the immediacy and intimacy of the feel of the communication can  wrap the viewer into your story in a flash when done right. Be it a shelter tour by way of introduction to the facility and its pets, a call for action for a fundraising effort, or a series of responses to FAQs about pet adoption, there is an unlimited wealth of engaging content for shelters to produce and adopters and potential adopters to consume.

Some benefits to a video driven marketing program include established trust, increased overall engagement across platforms, and increased adoptions. Video offers a more detailed story of your shelter than still images, allowing for a more robust story to be told, creating a deeper personal relationship and inspiring action on the part of the viewer.

When determining your shelter's video marketing strategy, it’s important to be very clear about the messages you are trying to convey and understand the fluidity as needs change. Some tried and true video formats below are a great way to get started with your video campaign program.


Who We Are:

Provide your potential adopter an at-a-glance opportunity to get to know who you are as a shelter. Define your mission and  introduce them to the people and the pets who make up your community unique.


The most popular relatively new feature to Facebook and Instagram, Live allows you to deliver news as it happens, allows you to bring the viewer to you. This format is perfect for fundraisers, adoption events, and capturing the moment when pets leave with their new families. Live allows the viewer to feel as though they are part of your community, building loyalty and word of mouth support. 



Also known as leadership videos, this format allows your adopters and potential adopters to hear from shelter executives, veterinarians, and trainers on important information related to the functioning of the shelter. It is a peel back behind the curtain designed to provide comfort in the level of experience within the shelter walls.



The “what to expect when you adopt videos” are an excellent source of information, education and entertainment for your adopters and potential adopters. Best consumed in digestible 30 to 60 second videos responding to FAQs. This is evergreen content that can live on your site as a resource for future adopters to come. 



People love pet adoption success stories. As successful shelters you have abundance of these stories, ask adopters for videos of them and their newly adopted pets, or take videos of newly minted families as they are leaving your shelter.



Perfect for fundraising campaigns, the personalized video will likely be scripted, but delivered in a non-rehearsed, authentic way.

No matter how few or how many of the types of videos you choose to enlist in your program, what is consistent is the content follows the tried and true formula of being compelling, shareable, clear, informative, friendly and inviting of a connection. Your videos will attract the attention of your desired audience, once there, convert those audience members from viewers to a more engaged role. Your viewer is with you for a reason, largely they are likely to adopt a pet, videos showcasing the greatness of your shelter is the perfect way to engage the tipping point from someone looking to someone acting. Finally, create content that your audience wants to share, making them your ground army of enthusiasts.   


Don’t forget to marry your video content into your newsletter and email marketing program where appropriate for a larger impact.

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