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5 Inexpensive Ways to Get Your Shelter Noticed

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Michelle Fournier

Running a shelter is expensive. With unexpected emergency care costs being one of the only things you can count on, and tireless fundraising efforts which can feel like a dog chasing it’s tail, the last thing you need to worry about spending on is raising your shelters visibility. For that, we have compiled some tried and true tips to get your shelter the recognition it deserves without breaking the bank:



Social Media – This is a slam dunk, from live Facebook and Instagram feeds, to TikTok dances and Twitter parties, having a robust presence on social media is a proven method to raise shelter awareness. In order to put out the right content to the right audience, be sure to check out our helpful posts on generational marketing.  



Local Press/Media Outreach - For a behind the scenes look into your shelter, invite a member of the local press/media to come in and shadow a volunteer for a “day in the life” piece. This not only attracts a large audience, it show authenticity and transparency of your organization which really resonates with people of all generations today. 



Partnership Links – As part of your ongoing fundraising efforts, you are surely engaging with local businesses for sponsorships, both mom-and-pop and the larger players. Once you have them committed, be sure to include them on your sponsors page (if you don’t have one on your web site, it’s highly recommended that you add one!). In the truest spirit of partnership, have your logo included on their website as well and be sure to ask about being included in their email marketing campaigns to their often robust email lists. 



Events – Yes, events have taken on an entirely new look over the past 4 months or so, and this included the ever popular “Meet & Greet”. However, events are not over, they’ve just shifted to largely online and in some states are starting to go live again, albeit smaller and much more spread out. No matter how you are hosting your events, be sure to publicize them on social media, through email, and for those live, in-person events flyers, though old school, still work!



Email Blasts – Your contacts are your lifeline. Especially when it comes to not only staying top of mind with your faithful followers, but also getting them to share your information and content to their friends. Set up a twice monthly email marketing campaign, where images and video play center stage. The pets are your stars, and are far more likely to be shared than a copy heavy static document. Also, don’t forget to always include your “make a donation” call to action in your emails. If your audience has read all the way to the end, you have their attention and they’re more likely to make a contribution. 

Increased visibility equals increased donations, which leads to more help for animals in need. 


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