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Remember Nissan's #KnockKnockCats Campaign?

10/29/18 8:00 AM / by Mia Holland

Did you know that knocking on the hood of your car during the cold months of the year could save a cat's life? Nissan reminded people last winter that this simple action is something you should add into your daily routine during the fall and winter.

The goal of the campaign was simple- to help save cats. Nissan stated "In the cold of winter, some cats try to warm themselves by hiding under car hoods. However, this may lead to a tragic outcome if you start a car without checking. “Knock Knock Cats” is a technique to avoid such tragedies. Nissan supports a society where everyone, including cats, is safer."

We've all heard the story before- someone hears a meow from the front of their car while they're driving and pulls over to find a cat inside. While some cats are lucky enough to be heard, other cats unfortunately are not. As all cat owners know, cats love to hide in small spaces and stay warm. This makes under the hood of your car a perfect (and dangerous) place for a cat nap. Many cats will seek shelter underneath of cars when it's cold for warmth and protection.

What can you do to help? Knock on the hood of your car before starting the engine to wake up any cats inside and give them the chance to get out safely. You can also help raise awareness for this issue by sharing this video with your family and friends!

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Mia Holland

Written by Mia Holland