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A Message To Our Shelters

1/22/19 11:03 AM / by Mia Holland

adopets was created with one question in mind- "What if we could change the way we adopt pets?" Well, after years of planning, developing, and testing, we've done just that. adopets has created a system to help you manage your pets, streamline the adoption process, and make your life easier so you can focus on what matters - saving more lives. Without your support, encouragement, and feedback, our mission would not be possible.

Honestly, we see the amount of time and effort that it takes to run a rescue. Saving lives, like you do, is a challenge and one of the hardest missions one can have. While you do that, inquires and emails are piling up, and it is hard to keep up. People complain, but you know that you and your team are putting countless hours to ensure that those pets find a home. We decided to help with what we do best, as a team, built a system that allows you to focus on what matters the most and let the bureaucracy and paperwork be handled by a great platform.



Over the last year, our previous platform was used by over 200,000 adopters and by many rescues across the nation. After collecting feedback from animal welfare professionals along with countless hours of effort, dedication, and focus, our team redesigned our system from scratch to create the perfect tool for you.

With our new platform, adopets is ready to continue supporting you by helping you reach more adopters while creating an experience for them that is easy, convenient, and so enjoyable that they want to rescue another pet.

To further assist you, we rely on your feedback during this period of beta testing. Beta testing means that while the system is up and running, errors and crashes may occur. If they do, just send an email to, and we will resolve the problem as soon as we can.

Your suggestions are welcome! If you notice something isn't working quite the way you would like, we would love to hear from you. With your help, we can support you to change the world, one adoption at a time.


Click here if you'd like to hop on a call, we can help you get set up and grow together!

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Mia Holland

Written by Mia Holland