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Magical Dogs By Stacy Karron

4/30/17 1:00 PM / by Artur Sousa

Magical is synonymous with extraordinary, miraculous, magnetic, clairvoyant, uncanny and wonderful, and each of these words describes the incredible dog.

Dogs have the wonderful ability to turn a frown into a smile. They miraculously reduce our stress, help lower our blood pressure and have an uncanny way of making us happier.
Dogs are clairvoyant, with the ability to detect inclement weather, and sense when someone is going to have a seizure. They have an extraordinary sense of smell, one million times greater than humans. Dogs can sniff out some cancers and can detect even the slightest smell of peanuts, helping those with severe allergies. Their magnetic hearing range of 8,000 Hz is far superior to humans at 2,000 Hz, and they can detect an intruder long before we can, hence the name “watchdog”.

Man’s best friend is a wizard of wonderful and the services they provide are truly spellbinding. Dogs are trained to guide the visually impaired and assist those with physical challenges. There are police and military K-9’s who serve on the battlefield, search and rescue, hearing dogs, mobility assistance, diabetic alert, Autism support, wheelchair assistance and poacher deterrent, just to name a few of the services and support dogs provide with absolute love and loyalty.

In homage to the amazing dog, in the Beatles song “A Day in the Life,”, Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle audible only to canines, so when the song comes on and your dog starts to “twist and shout” you’ll know why.

With all that dogs do for us, we owe them nurturing love, protection, and respect. Every dog deserves a loving, forever home, and with animal shelters brimming with deserving dogs, please don’t shop. Adopt, spay and neuter!

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Artur Sousa

Written by Artur Sousa