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Get Prepared for Flea and Tick Season With These 4 Easy Steps

5/12/18 5:02 PM / by Mia Holland

As weather warms up, our four-legged friends become flea and tick magnets. Experts are warning that this summer may be a "tick explosion". Dr. Alyse Aerts, a vet at Ehlers Animal Care, said, "I would say it's early. It's definitely earlier than last year that we're seeing fleas and ticks. More ticks so far than fleas." To avoid the irritation fleas cause your pet and possible transmission of Lyme disease, there are a few easy steps you can take to get ahead of this problem.

1. Avoid areas with high grass when walking your pet. These pests like to hide in grass and wooded areas so they can latch on to anything that passes by. Try keeping your pet on walking paths or areas where the grass has been cut.

2. Try spot-on medication or a tick collar. Spot-on medication, a topical medicine that is applied to the back of your pet's neck, can be purchased over the counter at your local vet. Tick collars are also an effective method when trying to repel ticks and fleas.

3. Reduce the tick habitat in your backyard. Ticks do not normally hide in short grass or open areas, so one way to prevent them from inhabiting your backyard is to regularly cut your grass. Another way is to rake up all dead leaves, sticks, and other debris.

4. Check your pet for flea and ticks daily. An easy way to do this is to groom your pet after they come in from outside. Check common areas that ticks latch onto, such as on paws, armpits, and around the ears.





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Mia Holland

Written by Mia Holland