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6 Tips to enjoy Halloween with your pet.

4/30/17 12:53 PM / by Artur Sousa

For many families, the first thirty days of October are merely a countdown to the big event… Halloween of course!! The thrill of October comes with a mix of ghosts and ghouls, spiders and scary movies, tricks, and treats of the like until it finally comes down to the big day. People of all ages enjoy preparing with pumpkin carvings, spunky decorations and putting together elaborate costumes.

For us, Halloween is enticing in all its gory glory, but what about for our pets? For them, Halloween can be more than a scary event. It can very well be deadly if we don’t watch out! However, it is no trick to say that you can quickly provide your pets with the safe and happy Halloween that they deserve.

Get yourself started with these simple tips!

1. Keep it down! Pets can be easily frightened by loud noises or unusual sounds. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Halloween is filled with these weird sounds whether we have control of it or not. That’s why it is important to have a safe room for your pet to enjoy throughout the night. In the midst of all the Halloween commotion, they will without-a-doubt enjoy a place of peace and quiet to help them feel protected.

2. Keep it small! Even if you are inviting only close friends over to enjoy the festivities, their masks or costumes could frighten a small animal. By only inviting a few people, there is less of a chance that your pet will become anxious or nervous about the action going on around them. We wouldn’t want to forget about our furry friends just because there’s a party! The extra people are even more overwhelming to them than to you so make sure they are still getting the love and attention they need, especially when the scare is in the air.

3. Put away the treats! Owners, for the most part, realize that candy and other Halloween treats are not good for pets. However, sometimes our pesky pets can get into a candy stash without us noticing. Chocolate, sugar and other sweets are very dangerous for all pets, even more so when a large portion is consumed at one time, so we have to be ready! Make sure to keep your candy bowls out of reach and remind guests, especially children, not to give out any treats of their own.

4. Be decoratively aware! Halloween decorations are most definitely a fun way to get ready for the holiday. But have you ever thought that these could also be potentially dangerous? Small decorative pieces that can be eaten or chewed should be put up in high places, and it would be best to leave your pet’s safe room decoration free. Also, it is always a good idea to be aware of fire hazards when decorating: for example, never leave lit candles around your pets, no matter what kind of spook they add to the area.

5. Leave pets indoors! This is a BIG one. While it is smart to keep pets inside with you on most nights in general, Halloween is particularly one night when potential pet dangers are everywhere. Because of Halloween’s scary nature, it tends to be a night where more “crazies” are out than usual — in other words, people you wouldn’t want your pet to get mixed up with. There are also many dangers that won’t be dressed up in masks. After a Halloween night, the streets are often littered with candies, trash, and other pet toxins. Other animals may be going after the street snacks as well — raccoons, possums, foxes and others depending on your location — so it is important that we don’t let our pets sneak outside at any point during the night. (If your pet does escape, make sure they are wearing tags on their collars that include your information so they can promptly be returned to you).

6. Costumes! Another big Halloween fad is dressing your pet to fit the festive attire. Giving your pet a costume isn’t only adorable, but it can help them feel included in the fun… right? On some level, yes. A simple costume with a loosely tied bandana or a Velcro attachment strip can be the perfect costume because it is comfortable and cute at the same time. On the other hand, some costumes can be restrictive and bothersome to pets. Make sure your pet can move freely and be aware that you may have to remove the costume if your pet shows signs of discomfort.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many. Keeping it a treat for you and your pet can be the key to having a fun filled, pressure-free evening. So don’t be afraid to indulge in the scares of the night! A pet can appreciate Halloween just as much as you, as long they know you’re there to protect them from whatever might pop out from behind the corner. Let’s make this Halloween safe and happy for all!

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Artur Sousa

Written by Artur Sousa