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5 Reasons to adopt a pet

4/28/17 12:15 PM / by Artur Sousa


blonde girl with white dog Frisco, our adopted albino Lab and Coco, our founder’s niece.

How I see it, adopting a pet is a win-win situation for all involved. As I was growing up, going into animal shelters to play with the little kittens and puppies was always one of my favorite things to do. There was always something so special about seeing the sweet innocence of so many adorable pets just waiting to be loved.

Some will say it’s “dangerous” to step into a shelter, even momentarily, because it is impossible not to fall in love with each and every one of them. It can be so hard to tear yourself away from these precious pets without desperately wanting to take one home.

This desperation comes on one hand from being unable to separate them from their ultimate cuteness, and on the other hand, the good feelings we all know we will get if we can help to save the lives of these little guys.

But that should be part of the good news! Pet adoptions are something that will not only save millions of lives, but also give you the gift of a lifelong friend. We all know that adopting a pet is most definitely the right thing to do in the long run, but here are a few extra facts to convince you just in case that alone isn’t enough.


1. It is good for your health! Studies have shown that having a pet will reduce your blood pressure and anxiety. Having that extra fluff ball of love around all the time is exactly the kind of playful fun we all need to reduce our stress of everyday adult life. In addition, it has been shown that kids who grow up around pets have stronger immune systems because their bodies are used to the natural dirt that is carried on the coats of animals.


2. It is good for your popularity! People who have pets are far more likely to get dates than those who don’t. Having and loving your pet is something that gives you major points in charisma, responsibility and care factor. Plus, it makes for an easy conversation starter! We all know that friend who everyone likes because they have the coolest dog or the most gorgeous cat. Now, that can be you!


3. It is good for your self esteem! One of the common goals of everyone in this life is to “make a difference.” Adoption is one of the simplest, yet most amazing ways to make a difference in this day and age. Every time you see your new pet, you’ll be able to thank yourself for literally saving their life, and giving them the love and compassion they deserve.


4. It is the best cure for loneliness! Do you ever have moments where you’re home alone and for some reason or another, you just feel like you need an arm around your shoulder? Well, have no fear… your pet is here! The comfort of having another beating heart next to you in a time of trouble is incredibly necessary. In my opinion, sometimes I even prefer the connection to my pets over that of human contact when I’m in need of some uplifting love. They may not be able to give advice, but a loving pet knows when you’re upset and they will do anything in their power to help you feel better. (Usually a couple cuddles is all it takes!)


5. Most importantly, it is good for your new pet! Not many people realize how many millions of animals are just waiting in shelters everyday for someone to come pick them up and take them home. Every life should be considered to have value, and the way that we are euthanizing pets all over the world does not respect that value. In supporting pet adoption, instead of pure breeders and puppy mills, we are actually giving these millions of animals a second chance at life!


By sticking together and supporting the adoption agencies behind pet adoptions, Adopets can really change the lives of millions. Don’t hesitate to find your other half today. There’s a perfect friend out there waiting for someone just like you!

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Artur Sousa

Written by Artur Sousa