15 Funny Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching!

You’ve got your costume down, but the biggest struggle is determining what your furry friend should be. Here are 10 funny dog Halloween costume ideas to get your pet into the spooky-season mood!  If you’re attending a dog walk, trick-or-treating, or just find your pup utterly spooky, send us a picture of your costumed pooch or tag us in your post- @adopetsus! 

1. Frankenstein’s Monster

Photo: Unknown

2. Spider Dog

Photo: AndyandCharlie

3. Rick and Morty Snuffles

Photo: Milomeetsworld

4. Butt-Face

Photo: Sdokh

5. Spooky Ghost

Photo: Sircharlesdoodle

6. Wind Up  Toy

Photo: Unknown

7. Dobby The House Dog

Photo: Markiewicz

8. Lion

Photo: Alexandria Gavillet

9. Shark Attack

Photo: Melisa M

10. Watch Dogs

Photo: Emily Von Stuckrad-Smolinski

11. Business Man

Photo: Sam Henderson

12. Unicorn

Photo: Unknown

13. Rocket Dog

Photo: Carrie

14. Kissing Booth

Photo: Unknown

15. Sunflower

Photo: Unknown


Costumes aren’t meant to make your dog uncomfortable. If they do, we suggest trying a different costume!

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